Side Effects And Risks Of Houston Breast Augmentation


Houston breast augmentation which is also called as mammoplasty is a surgical procedure which is executed to change the shape and size of the breasts. Women choose mammoplasty because of different reasons. Some women choose breast augmentation for improving the beauty of their breasts and others go for the surgery to correct the form of the breast after pregnancy. Attractive breasts are used by many women to tempt the consideration of men. Mammoplasty improves overall appearance and boosts self confidence.

Different procedures of breast augmentation are used these days such as silicone gel shell implantation method and saline implantation method. In silicone gel shell implantation method a silicone gel shell is packed with thick silicone gel is used. In second implantation method a shell is packed with saline and the shell is untainted and entrenched in breasts.

Possible side effects of breast augmentation procedures

While this is a quite general surgery, breast augmentation surgery is still a stern procedure that can cause complications. A number of women suffer from infection, reactions to anesthesia, loss of nipple sensation and others. As well, in some instances, women have problems with the implants in which they can become ripple or fuzzy. These are some of the most common side effects of Houston breast augmentation.

  •   Ruptures and leaks over time:

They mostly leak or crack with age. Implants placed currently are packed with FDA approved substances that are not damaging to the body if released through rupturing or leaking of an implant. Although, not injurious, cracked ones will reduce the size and the form of the breasts will likely become vague.

  •   Breastfeeding may not be potential:

According to the cuts made and the procedures done; breastfeeding may or may not be potential after breast augmentation. All women concerned in breastfeeding at some point, should inform their surgeon. Most of the times, if the right surgical procedure is used women may breast feed with augmentations.

  •   Complications in mammography:

Breast augmentations may also influence the mammography process, making it difficult to envisage the inner structures better. This will lead to more exposure and more time to the emission.

  •   Loss of feeling:

After breast augmentation surgery, some women suffer loss of feeling in the breast and nipple areas. Loss of feeling results from injure to nerve endings in the nipple and breast. This loss of feeling may be impermanent, but it can also be stable. The surgical procedure used plays a role in this aspect.

  •   Smoking and drinking:

You also have to stop drinking and smoking at least two weeks before the breast enlargement surgery. Because both can cause late healing as it decreases the uptake of oxygen into the cells from the blood. This decreases their ability to be vigorous and to heal earlier.

  •   Continuing risks of breast augmentation surgery:

Other than the risks and side effects stated above, a problem of much greater distress is the severe possibility of increased occurrence of cancer and other acute conditions.

The list of probable risks and side effects associated with the breast augmentation surgery goes on deeply but for more detail it is good to consult your doctor before experiencing the Houston breast augmentation surgery.

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