Should You Use Electronic Cigarettes? Decide Yourself


Electronic cigarette (also known as e-cigarette) is an electronic inhaler that uses vaporized liquid in aerosol mist form, which simulate tobacco cigarette. The liquid used in electronic cigarettes include propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, polyethelyn glycol-400 etc. All these (propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, polyethelyn glycol-400) are used as food additive and as additive in tooth pastes as well as in inhalers used for treatment of asthma. Electronic cigarettes were marketed as a tool for quitting smoking, but currently in many countries it is not used as tool for quitting smoking.

Electronic cigarette and conventional cigarettes differ in many ways. Most e-cigarettes look similar to conventional tobacco cigarettes, in size and shape, but some do not have any similarity at all. Electronic cigarettes do not contain any tobacco product, it contain a liquid instead. The liquid may contain nicotine or may not contain nicotine. In most electronic cigarettes the nicotine content approximately same as that of a conventional tobacco cigarette. In some electronic cigarettes the quantity of nicotine released can be controlled by the user.

Health concerns of electronic cigarettes:

Electronic cigarettes use nicotine in the liquid, which raises health concern, as there are not many clinical studies done on this subject to find out the effectiveness and the risk involve. The supporters and manufacturers of electronic cigarette claim that it gives the effect of smoking (due to presence of nicotine) to smokers, but it is devoid of harmful substances that cause lung cancer and other deleterious health problems if one smoke conventional tobacco cigarettes.

What is the present status of electronic cigarettes?

Health organizations such as WHO (World Health Organization), do not approve electronic cigarettes as quit smoking tool (because of inadequate research and studies about the effectiveness of electronic cigarettes in helping quitting smoking), but neither it disapprove the possibility of electronic cigarettes as a tool to quit smoking. WHO insists that more clinical studies are required to know the effectiveness of electronic cigarettes as quit smoking tool and also to find out the side effects and toxic effects of using this tool.

If you plan to take help of electronic cigarette to quit smoking, weigh pros and cons of using it and decide yourself if you want to use it.

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