E-Cigs Offer Stealth Opportunities


For those who are cartoon fans at heart, you just cant miss how some favourite adorable characters such as Jerry and Tweety Bird can to things that Tom and Sylvester can never get away with. It seems those are fair scenarios to which e-Cigs and tobacco cigarette smoking can be compared. E-Cig users can enter a public domain and enjoy a smoke while a tobacco smoker had better think twice. Even the slightest indication by anyone that they are going to pull out a cigarette and light up will most likely be met with stares of disapproval and outright protest. Bans on tobacco smoking have made the life of tobacco users that much harder. They have trouble going without a smoke for a while, and they cannot light up in public.

Where’s the Stealth?

The strong odor left behind by tobacco makes for a sure give away. There’s just no sneaking in and smoking traditional cigarettes in public places. They smell before you light them, and simply grow stronger upon each draw. Seems everyone will know that Tom and Sylvester are in the room.

Electronic cigarettes, on the other hand, present a different vibe. With no legal bans on e-Cigs, and no unpleasant give-away odor, you can sense that adorable character in the room. No one minds that much that they are around, and they simply blend in and take a smoke when they feel like it. The vapor that comes from electronic cigarettes carry very little odour, and for those that have a strong flavor, vapers can still use them and get their nicotine fix without offending anyone.

The cigarette with the stealth is definitely the e-Cig. No one minds because there is no strong offensive second-hand smoke that is packed with carcinogenic chemicals for you or anyone around to inhale. As far as tobacco smoking is concerned, even after two little sneaky draws, the tell-tale smell follows the smoker around. Even if the tobacco smoker moves away to a little secluded area to smoke, the strong smell will permeate a large area. This is even more so if there is a wind to waft it around.

Stealth Vaping in Areas of Concern

One of the first signs you may notice when you drive through a gas station is the no smoking sign. While tobacco smokers have no chance of getting away with any smoking in these areas, it is very likely that a e-Cig user can stealth vape. E-Cig devices are far less likely to cause a fire even though the sight of a cigarette in someone’s hand or mouth at a gas station is bound to cause some level of concern. This concern might dissipate somewhat after the people realize there is no fire. Even so, it might be a good idea to avoid scaring people and use the stealth technique as opposed to smoking openly.

Stealth vaping is a suitable technique that can be used in areas where vaping is likely to come under heavy criticism This include on air planes, in high-end restaurants, movie theatres and areas where there is a large gathering of children. Stealth vaping is a right that should be used with discretion.

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