Asbestos Exposure, Accidents and Injuries at Work

Although the UK has stringent and comprehensive health and safety laws, accidents and injuries in the workplace are still very common. Injury occurring in the workplace can result from many different causes including not being given adequate or any protective equipment, trips and slips at work and exposure to asbestos. When accidents occur in the workplace, corners have often been cut by employers.

A recent study has found that over 8,000 cancer deaths a year in Britain are linked to occupations. It was also found that a large proportion of these deaths are male construction workers who often come into contact with asbestos and carcinogenics through their employment. Exposure to asbestos, as well as resulting in an increased risk of developing cancer, can also result in coughing, breathing problems and lung disorders. Even though the use of asbestos has been banned and has rarely been used since the 1970s, workers are still coming into contact with it when maintaining and renovating old buildings which contain asbestos. It is unacceptable that, in this day and age, workers are still coming into contact with a substance so dangerous to human health in the course of their employment.

Worryingly the government has set out to reform and overhaul health and safety laws and 10% of such laws are due to be scrapped by April 2013. The view that health and safety regulations should be reduced however is clearly concerning as it ignores the fact that these rules were put in place to protect workers from illness, injury and death. Without adequate regulations and laws the safety of workers will be at risk and injury will undoubtedly be more likely.

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