5 Skin Care Tips for Every Season

The changing of the seasons can affect our skin. Haven’t you noticed the way your skin feels dryer in the winter or summer months? Some people even develop severe eczema, redness and soreness. While these conditions won’t automatically go away by using a moisturizer when you feel affected, they can be prevented if you follow a basic skin care routine.

This doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy an expensive skin care treatment. Actually, experts at the Mayo Clinic suggest that keeping your skin young looking and moisturized in all weather conditions is more about healthy habits than it is about spending money on special treatments. The following are 5 basic skin care tips anyone can follow regardless of their budget:


1 – Gentle Daily Cleansing

Use a gentle cleanser in the morning and evening to remove dead skin cells and cleanse the skin of toxins. Just make sure the product you do use, doesn’t have any drying chemicals or alcohols. You can do this by checking the labels of any product you purchase from your local pharmacy.

2 – Moisturizer

You can use a moisturizer, especially if your skin is dry, but it doesn’t have to be the most expensive or of any certain brand. You just need to make sure any moisturizer you choose doesn’t have any alcohol ingredients like propylene glycol. You should also avoid moisturizers with synthetic colors or smells, as these can cause dry skin issues and allergies.

3 – Sunblock

Experts continually stress the importance of using sunblock and of staying out of the sun. Doctors say there are still too many people that sunbathe and actively try to tan. This is the worst thing you can do for your skin, as it dries and ages it but can also increase your chances of getting skin cancer. The following are a few ways you can protect yourself against the harmful rays of the sun.

– Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least a SPF of 30 when outdoors and reapply every two hours especially when swimming.

– Look for shaded areas – Avoid the sun between the ages of 10am and 4pm.

– Wear protective clothing – Cover your skin with protective clothing when working outdoors. Use long sleeve shirts, pants and a hat when outside.

4 – Stop Smoking

Stop kidding yourself! Smoking is affecting your health. You may not have emphysema, you may not have cancer but smoking is certainly causing skin damage. Just look around at other smokers, notice how their skin looks aged, dried out and wrinkled. Quit smoking to promote healthier, moisturized skin.

5 – Don’t Overdo It

Women sometimes overdo it, and over-washing or using too many skin care products can sometimes cause eczema, dry skin, or skin issues. Although you may have the best intentions for your skin, too much of a good thing can lead to skin issues.

Bottom Line

Caring for your skin, keeping it hydrated and young looking is about practicing healthy habits, drinking lots of water and eating foods low in cholesterol and fat. You need to use products that are natural, and above all protect your skin from the sun. It’s not about using the latest and greatest miracle treatment. Following the next skin care fad can become extremely expensive very fast and won’t ensure you get any better results than the person that practices simple and healthy skincare. Work on getting a healthy lifestyle and you’ll find that your skin will begin to look very healthy, moisturized and wrinkle free.

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