3 Things You Need For Your Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

Deciding to stop smoking is a difficult decision to make = fact. It takes will power, courage and most of all time, but it is equally one of the best moves you can make. There are so many options for help on your smoke free journey, that it has never been easier to kick the habit. One of the most popular nicotine replacement therapies available are the electronic cigarettes. This market has boomed over the past 12 months and it is easy to understand why as the health benefits they pose are immense.

If you have decided to take the next step on your quitting journey, then here are some top tips for creating a tailor made electronic cigarette package and help you quit today.

Choose your flavours

Smoking is not fun, ask any smoker and they will tell you that there is little variety and being addicted is not pleasant anymore. One of the things that electronic cigarettes give us is the chance to have a little fun whilst kicking the habit. It is widely reported that electronic cigarettes work by adding a small amount of nicotine to water vapour that is then inhaled. However, this water vapour doesn’t just have to be flavourless, oh no, you can now get a variety of tasty flavours to keep you interested and away from the harmful tobacco. To give you an example, just go to sparks-ecigs.co.uk and you will notice how they are providing different flavors for the e-liquids used in the e-cigarette.

There are literally hundreds of flavours to choose from and as with the decision to quit smoking, it really does come down to personal taste. Whether you love the cool taste of menthol, or you are as sweet as a berry; you quit your way.

All about the colours

Your will have seen many people using electronic cigarettes that are bright, vibrant and colourful. Why not celebrate how well you are doing, by picking your own colour or even pattern. The choice over colours comes down to the brand of electronic cigarette you have purchased. As an example, here are the CE4 Clearomiser’s from the range of Tablites e cig accessories. As you can see, they come in six different colours that will make your electronic cigarette stand out, but equally maintain the health benefits from being smoke free. Check what is available with your electronic cigarette and pick the right colour to brighten your day.

Trick your mind

The accessories mentioned above are fun and add in an extra layer to help maintain your will power, but for some this isn’t the answer. Many people find it easier to quit is they can trick their mind into believing that they are still smoking, one thing electronic cigarettes is really helpful with. Unlike the latest cartomisers, there are some that look and feel just like real cigarettes, which can help you to stop thinking about the look of cigarettes.

Now, though electronic cigarettes have gone one step further. Not only do they look like the real thing, they also come in a rechargeable packet. Yes – this is modern technology at it’s best, you can re charge on the go and still have the feeling of a packet of cigarettes without the damaging carcinogens.

However you decide to build the perfect quitting kit, the one thing to remember is why you are doing it in the first place. Th

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